Game Background

【Crack appeared】Felun mainland is a magic continent, magic in this continent has a long history, almost all of the spirits of the mainland have a passion for the pursuit of magic, this fanatical make magic to the rapid development. Finally, they found the "illusion".

The realm is a parallel space of magic and demon life. Belong to the more difficult to understand the mysterious and full of magic surreal space, people can dream when they enter.  Great magic people can be more easier to enter realm, and the soul and demon within can also easier to get close to summoner. If the summoner is not careful enough, the devil will be able to attach to them and exit from the illusion, thus the summoner will turn into a realm puppet, and become a very powerful deadly monster

At the same time, due to the abuse of magic, making the magic disorder has become a frequent occurrence, this lead to the appear of Realm Crack.


【Demon invasion】As mentioned earlier, it is easier to proceed Realm by summoner, the soul and the devil can also be more easily to get close with summoner, the  more powerful of summoner the higher of  risk may suffer.

"The First Fallen" is the Holy tower council chief mage -  Ronin. Over-confidence makes him trying to control the Realm magic fluctuations, but he was get attach by the powerful demon as a cost. He turns into a devil and assist the demon clan to open space cracks, lead a large number of demon invade the mainland.

Upon that time, the powerful 3 races on the mainland: Human, Elf, Orc were trying to fight on their own way due to conflict within each other. They have all crashed by the unified command Demon army. The continent has entirely fallen! Salo Master running between the 3 races, finally 3 races has eliminate racial views, to form alliance. They select the most strong legion and send the most dedicated warrior to learn the ancient magic. Finally, with the power of bonds, they defeat the army of Devil Ronin and seal the devils behind the Realm cracked.  These warrior, are so called “Witchers”!


【New journey】After hundred years, the repulsed demon clan has not given up, they are trying to gather behind the crack.

The reveal of Evil crystal shard, bloody werewolf, demon shadow are everywhere, Journey of Witcher, is about to begin…