Fast level up guide(I)

In the《Witchers》, players most interested in CP. Since the CP increased, players can mob grinding easily, QA kill 5 in 1 seconds. Then how to increase CP, become a top in the rank? Here introduce how to increase CP by cultivate equipment(EQPT).

If want to cultivate EQPT, Advance Stone and Gem are needed, because when gathered a set of Orange EQPT and all Lv.5 gem can summon god dragon!! Get a cool class exclusive light effect and weapons special effect!!

How was that, is it super envy for that? o(*≧▽≦)ツ

Orange stone and gem can get from 10 consecutive! So, please draw more and more chest! ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Besides, also can get materials in BOSS and black market, remember to join everyday!

There are other ways can increase CP also!

① Enhance: Cost is high, recommend that enhance each EQPT until reach the limits, point and gold insufficient? Just buy! Is valuable!

② Upgrade: Material drop in main dungeon, just purge everyday in previously then can get it, after that if lack of material, can find in black market and trading house.

③ Set: Engrave can be found in team dungeon and black market, it is difficult to get in team dungeon, so can try to find in black market, recommend that start to collect engrave in Lv.35, after that when reach Lv.40 then can immediately change a set, attribute (Attri.) also will increase correspondingly!

④ Purify: Almost depends on your luck, normally can purify while there’s less people, for example in midnight, seems like easily to purify advance attri. , once get the advance attri. must lock it immediately!

⑤ P.stone: Usually drop in World BOSS and guild BOSS there, also can buy in trading house, if want to get advance P.stone, has a good character is not enough, also need a stong guild, because snatch chest in World BOSS the personal strength is not enough, must cooperate with guild, and if you can’t get the chest yourself, don’t worry, you also can get rewards while member with same guild get the chest.

With a nice EQPT, you can fight for your world ( ̄▽ ̄)~*

Just get a set of advance EQPT, will easily increase 100000 of CP in first day, after that there has many followers will around you, and don’t worry about lose anymore!