Fast level up guide(II)

Previously has introduced about increased《Witchers》CP by cultivate EQPT, want to know more about how to increase CP? Don’t worry, here introduce how to increase CP by cultivate partner!

In《Witchers》, partner not only increase CP to player, also attach exclusive skills, if partner good use in the skill, must has unexpected effect, now let start talk about how to cultivate partner;

1. Partner selectionLittle R just cultivate 2 partners is enough, recommended Captain Jack / Red Riding Hood + Panda, easy to collect, less difficulty, and 1 group DMG+1 single, guarantee the mod grinding effectiveness(with 2 group DMG defeat the BOSS is too slow).

Big R better cultivate 3 partners, recommended Ice Dragon +Panda+ Dracula, when mob grinding also is 1 group DMG+1 single guarantee effectiveness. While during PK, single partner less effective(easy to MISS), recommend change to Dracula, anti-control BUFF will let you be easy to snatch chest in World BOSS or gain in battlefield, however can based on personal favourite, during the PK select healer also can, after all,  everyone scare the poison!

2. Partner cultivationPartner mainly has upgrade, advance, star-up. Upgrade is about partner EXP item, can get a lot of items through everyday joining tower dungeon, elite dungeon and exchange in shop, able to meet requirement. While how about advance and star-up? Recommended priority advance, because advance can direct increase attri. and unlock skill, while star-up only increase growth rate, if not in high level, advance is better than star-up.

Then how to advance and star-up? In early stage, advance can through tower and elite dungeon, but when partner become blue will obviously lack of material, at this time need to find the items you need in black market or shop, and buy it! Besides, star-up is a long process, it through purge elite dungeon and refresh black market, slowly collect, however if you’re rich, then can direct 10 consecutive, high effectiveness!

If said that EQPT is for self enhancement, then partners also can be helpful, players can gain a lot through cultivate the partner.