Fast level up guide(III)

In《Witchers》, besides the EQPT and partners, there has fashion, wings, mount, index etc system also can increase huge CP, here introduce to you;

1. Wings cultivationWings not only has a gorgeous appearance, also can increase many CP, is perfect match. You need to join 2 rounds of Ancient Realm everyday to cultivate wings, there will drop wings advance orb, better upgrade wings to grade 5 and above, because the wings will light up after grade 5, players also can cultivate until the limit if meet requirement!

2. Mount cultivationMount also is one of main features in the game, not only has Byako, Wyvern etc mounts, also has Aircraft, motorcycle etc high technology mount, and mount also will increase the CP, did you want a cool mount? Remember to join remains dungeon daily! Not only has mount advance orb, also can get mount EQPT.

3. Cool Fashion《Witchers》contains 4 types of fashion which are Burnin, Frost, Dawn and Devil set, each of them is very cool, and has corresponding CP, want to get these cool fashion? Then please pay attention to various event in the game!

4. Partner IndexPartner index collection also can increase CP, although each shard’s CP is not high, only has 100++, but accumulate it can change the quality. How to get index? Firstly, everyday must used up all 10 times of treasure hunt, and better use Adv.Treasure Map, there has more chances to drop the index. In addition, every half an hour defeat the wilderness BOSS also can get index, but this need a certain strength and luck. Lastly, guard the trading house when free, once saw the item you need and it was cheap, then just buy it, normally each partner’s No.6 index will be lesser, also will be hot item in trading house.