(This update will be based on the actual content within the game)[-] 
【Added New Features】[-] 
1. Added Wing Phantom Feather System [-]:
① Added Phantom Feather System, unlock available upon player achieve Lv.42; 
② Phantom Feather will have 8 grid,it will be opened gradually according to Wing’s grade;
③ Phantom Feather may have color difference and create basic attribute upon receive, the attribute cannot be enhance;
④ Upgrade Phantom Feather grid with Wing Advance Orb and Phantom Feather shards,can increase attribute buff proportion [-];
⑤ Phantom Feather actual attribute buff = basic attribute * Grid buff proportion [-];
⑥ Salvage Phantom Feather will gain certain amount of Phantom Feather shards;
⑦Phantom Feather can be gain through Remains Dungeon, Guild Store and Treasure Pavilion;

2. Added Peak Level [-]:
① Player max level is Lv.120,When achieve Lv.60 [-] Peak Level will be available; 
② Peak Level or Role level can be select manually after Lv.60;

3. Added Lv.120 Team-up Dungeon[-];

【Feature optimization】[-] 
1. Optimize Newbie village map and storyline;

《Demoncer》Operation Team

1.Fashion:Fairy tale kingdom(Only outfit without weapon)
2.Title:Peak Summer
3.New item:Variety Phantom Feather color giftpack, Phantom Feather shard