《Demoncer》New Updates

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Dear Demoncer:
In order to provide our players a better gaming experience, Demoncers will be having a maintenance on:

10:00~12:00 (UTC+8) for SEA server 
19:00~21:00 (UTC+8) for US server, 
Demoncer Thanks for your cooperation and support.

【New Features】
1.Angel System:
①Players who have reached Level 130 will unlock Angel system
②Spend Angel Advance Orb to upgrade your angel
③Advancing to the next grade will change the appearance of angel
④Failed advancement will increase luck value, the higher the value is, the higher chance to success
⑤Angel can be advanced up to grade 12

2.Origin System:
①Angel origin consists of Talent origin and normal origin;
②Talent Origin has unique talent, upgrade origin to increase skill effect
③Normal Origin has 7 types, each types has 6 types of quality
④Advancing your angel to increase slots for equipping normal origin
⑤Origin uses origin value to upgrade, obtained from disassembling origin
⑥Advance origin by using origin value and upgrade material
⑦Origin can be upgraded to Level 20 (Grade 4)

3.Void Gate:
①Void Gate is a new boss content
②Defeating boss of current floor will unlock the next floor
③First challenge will not deduct reward chances
④The reward will get better as the player go on, clearing the floor for the first time will have extra rewards

1.【Purgatory Envoy Fashion】shard has been added into dungeon shop
2.Lv.3 Gem Giftbox has been added into battlefield shop
3.Battle Arm Advance Orb has been added into guild shop
4.【Stifling Dagger】shard and Battle Soul shard has been added into C.S. shop
5.【Firethorn Flag】shard,【Papermoon Wings】shard and Battle Arm related item has been added into exotic shop
6.Icon display of the UI has been optimized, some of the limited event has been put into the main icon

【New Item】 
1.Wing:Scholar Bag 、Halo Wings
2.Mount:Frost Moon
3.Item:Angel Advance Orb、Talent Origin Rune Stone 、Random color origin
4.Event:Weekly Privilege